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Timberland Shoes

has always been proud of it based on the running shoe industry, this running shoe was born in the late 1960s, not only because the first pair of Nike Swoosh Logo with the title, but its addition to the running shoe industry to flourish outside, but once entered into the the big screen movie, and who helped.

This pair has "Forrest Gump Shoe" (Chinese translation Forrest Gump shoes) another name running shoes, in the famous 1994 movie "Forrest Gump" in appearance, due to considerable box-office films and won an Oscar award, the classic red, white and blue color also successfully moved into the hearts of every American, a classic of classics. Recently launched in 2012, Timberland Boots 

Timberland boots coffee

shoes in the spring quarter, although Cortez has a little bit with the ancestor, respectively, but re-engraved the classic "Forrest Gump" color, definitely enough to make you miss the old style movies

Timberland boots chestnut


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Timberland Shoescontinues to lead the wave of autumn and winter patterns

Girls love animal patterns blessed 

Timberland Custom Boots

the autumn and winter this year! Season with a variety of animal pattern shoes, mostly on horse hair material with leopard, zebra pattern. If you choose full-grain leather material together with the python, snakeskin or crocodile skin texture scales, you can add striae 

Timberland High Top Boots

variability and more quality. Fur partial stitching embellishment, so fancy atmosphere dilutes a sense of rare birds and ferocious beast, and the breath of infected lively atmosphere of early autumn.

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As we all knowthe famous DICKIES tooling is started with the legend of the clothing brand, while the flow with time, the brand-specific tooling design and tailoring blend of street culture, then evolved into a unique fashion indicators. For the 2011 spring and summer 

Timberland Boots


Timberland Boots Black

shoes body fabric with DICKIES Classic 874 overalls, shoe heel and the inside lined DICKIES memorable body of the horseshoe logo, the overall feeling of unity and chew twist of thin, almost involving all rock range of children, youth skateboarding and trendy young street preferences. The series also described the cooperation of a large concentrated expression of American culture, on behalf of the East Coast creative free spirit with the central focus of 

Timberland boots chestnut

Timberland Boots pragmatic blend with each other, waiting for the chase the American dream of you and I experience a close Fan.

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Four years ago, he was too poor to afford food to eat in the university, junior was forced to drop out, get on the train with more than 1,000 pieces alone business; Today, billion state power network has learned, he called Taobao shoes God, the shop twenty-three hours a night, a sold seven thousand pairs of shoes, 

Timberland Boots

explosion models of a sold 80,000 pairs.

"As a boy, I always wear a cousin cousin's clothes and 

Timberland Boots Black

, a large number of smaller can will, and only a little bit big shoes to wear are uncomfortable, so I was hoping to have their own shoes, shoes full of enthusiasm. "

"I think my idea of ​​the importance of early implementation of e-commerce surging, I would be less chance a day later. VANCL successful, home textile, computer classes, there have been an industry leader in B2C, footwear does not, and we can not dragging
Timberland Boots Grey . "

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Timberland 6 Inch Boots Komentarze (0)
05. stycznia 2012 04:10:00

Timberland 6 Inch Boots Group Co., Ltd., under the jurisdiction of Fujian Justin bieber shoes and Xidelong Sporting Goods Co., Ltd (China) Co., Ltd., headquartered in China Shoes China - Jin Jiangxi was Long Industrial Park. "Xidelong" brand-name sneakers Department of Fujian, Fujian famous trademark, the state double-free products (shoes, clothing). General Manager Mr. Lin Shuipan Footwear Industry Association, currently executive vice president of Fujian, Jinjiang City People's Congress, and in December 2003, the State Council, China's Person of the Year by the appraisal committee as "China's first economic elite Pokka . "

     After years of hard work, Timberland Boots production base Jinjiang production area of ​​66,102 square meters, construction area of ​​nearly 10 million square meters, green area of 20,000 square meters, the end of 2007 the net assets of 315 million yuan of the modern industrial park. Company has introduced international advanced testing equipment 26 sets, forming shoe line 7, sewing more than 1,500 units, to establish a domestic advanced level of R & D institutions,Timberland Boots Black have 3 senior engineers, researchers and technical personnel more than 100 has developed a new patented products up to 18 items, so as to capture the market to provide strong technical support.

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